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Ripped BodybuilderIf you are looking for information on greatly improving your body, you’ve come to the right place!

When I first started looking online, I was shocked at the variety of conflicting, complicated, and sometimes downright stupid information I found!

Now obviously optimal bodybuilding requires a somewhat specialized diet. A bodybuilder simply has different nutritional requirements than the average person, including increased calorie needs – and that means more food! The right food is often the problem!

Most People are incapable of following their meal plans!

The reasons for this are obvious. It’s not their fault as most bodybuilding diets are bland and boring. I can’t live on egg whites, steamed chicken and broccoli, protein drinks, and tuna fish (sometimes right out of the can) forever. Oh yeah, maybe short term, but short term doesn’t build a great body!

Also most meal plans are, often absurdly, inconvenient.

Two plans I found that are that easy to follow and that work wonders are:

Preparing the meals take time, and although we might carry around a little cooler with boring bland food for a while, most of us fall of the wagon and revert to our previous eating habits, which have resulted in  our current physiques. Hey, if you had the perfect body – lots of well defined muscle and low fat – you would be reading this would you?

Nutrition is directly responsible for much of your results.

Whether that is building muscle, losing fat, increasing strength, reducing recovery time, increasing endurance and more.

I was frustrated for so long. I can stick to any program for a while, but after a while it gets boring.

Traditional bodybuilding and fitness nutrition sucks!

The lack of variety of most programs in horrible!

Variety in what you eat is good!

Healthy food is supposed to taste good!

Three Critical Nutrition Tips:

  1. Lean Protein, you need a lot of it.
    Yes, you probably know this, but do you really know how much protein you are eating? Probably not.
  2. Carbohydrates are not all created equal!
    Replace simple carbohydrates, ones that are processed by the body quickly, with healthier “slow carbs,” ones that are processed by the body slower. Let’s be serious, what do you think is better for you, the same number of calories of carbs of candy or carrots? A general rule is that white carbs are bad and should be limited: white rice, white bread, potatoes.
  3. Variety is essential!
    It’s not only healthy, but if your diet has little or no variety, your “cheat meals” are going to increase. Nothing wrong with the occasional cheat meal, but I find that for almost everyone on a boring, bland diet, your cheat meals will go through the roof. If you are cheating multiple times a week, you are not on anything resembling an effective diet!

Two plans that include plenty of variety, tasty fun foods to eat, and that are easy and inexpensive to follow are:

If you do nothing else, do two things:

Click on the links above to check them out.

Start a food log, just write down everything you eat for even just a few days (or take pictures with your phone). This just may motivate you to get serious when you realize how random, haphazardous, and ineffective your current eating is!

10 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Diet”

  1. Man, you are right on target!

    I had so many great bodybuilding nutritional plans and diets that worked wonders for the short period of time I could stay on them.

    I thought it was a question of low willpower, and mine is not phenomenal, but the programs were not designed for people with normal lives

    Once I good a good diet (not perfect mind you) with occasional cheat meals built in, my progress skyrocketed!

    1. A good diet you can stick to, always trumps a better diet you cannot stick too!

      Common sense really, but it took me at least a couple of decades to figure that out 🙂

  2. Amen Man!
    I am a bodybuilder who loves food. Not just eating, but experiencing all the planet has to offer. All the tastes, textures, smells and more.

    I eat very healthily the majority of the time, but that doesn’t mean BORING.

    Lately I have been experimenting with lots of different Indian Spices, which add no calories but lots of flavor. Now Indian Spices may not be for everyone, but you get the idea.

    Food is one of life’s great pleasures! Most of the time bodybuilders CAN revel in it’s wonders!

  3. Wow, the “Most People are incapable of following their meal plans!” really strikes home! I guess I need to rethink my meal plans as I never can stick to them.

    I also do not cook. I have only a frying pan, and a small pot in my (unused kitchen). Can I make many of your recipes??

    1. Lex, you’ve got all you need to cook 99% of my recipes! Go for it man, you will eat so much more healthily, the food will taste better and be better, and you’ll save money.
      I have friends who learned just a few simple simple recipes and dropped several % of body fat effortlessly over a few months – ZERO dieting!

  4. I am eating far more healthily and have dropped a few pounds of body fat since finding your site. I think it has been primarily motivation so far and I’m planning a deep dive through your recipes and those in the Anabolic Cookbook as well – cannot believe how many simple and cool recipes are there.
    The only recipe I didn’t love was the baked citrus tilapia – but I don’t like tilapia much – the Jerk tilapia was great though! All the shrimp recipe rocks and the texas steak has become a person fav in the house

    1. There really are an amazing number of great recipes JJ – I haven’t even made them all. I’ve started making more of the desserts lately and should write up some up, time permitting!

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. I always enjoy reading something new and useful.
    You are so right that we make meal plans, diet plans, that no way we can follow. Not realistic.

    You make it seem simple. I know: simple, but not easy!


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