Quick Low Carb (Beef or Turkey etc.) Rollups

This is a real simple recipe that requires no cooking whatsoever!

Roast Beef Roll UpsThese make a great snack, accompaniment to a meal, or meal itself. This is really a way to “assemble” food, as there are an infinite numbers ways to make these.

These are part of my personal Anabolic Cookbook – quick healthy high protein recipes I often make, and ultra low carb as well.

These sometimes make a post workout snack for me.

(Very Flexible)Ingredients:

Sliced Meat: I usually use roast beef or turkey from the supermarket deli counter, but you really can use anything you like.

One friend prefers pastrami, another olive loaf, and so forth. Turkey and roast beef from my favorite deli are quite low fat and nearly zero carb, as well as tasty, so I usually use them.

Cheese (optional): I will sometimes add a slice or less of cheese. American, Cheddar, and Provolone are no brainers, but I’ve used all kinds of cheeses at times, anything I’ve had handy, including plenty of goat cheeses, bries, and even blue cheeses. Use whatever you like or have handy.

Vegetables: I add some veggies inside. In this example, I’ve chopped up a scallion (also known as a green onion), which works very well. I’ve also used regular onions, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, avocado, pickles, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and much much more.

Condiments: I often add approximately one teaspoon (which means a little bit) or a condiment such as mayonnaise, mustard, relish, etc. In the pictures I’ve used regular mayonnaise (personally, I hate the low fat variety).

Preparing to roll upDirections:

  • Lay cold cuts flat.
  • Add any condiments and other ingredients.
  • Roll up as shown in picture down below.
  • Slice into small pieces, If you want them to look fancy, use toothpicks in each piece. I’ve actually done this and served them at parties before!
  • Eat

Remember that proper nutrition is necessary for a body builder – workouts alone are not enough.


Variations are endless. The cold cuts, vegetables, condiments, and cheeses (no cheese in the pictures) can and should all be varied. You can add bacon, baked beans, sour cream, hot sauce, really anything you’d like. Try smoked salmon instead of cold cuts sometime.

For a very low fat variety, try roast beef or turkey with either a dab of mustard and lettuce or scallion.

There are probably thousands of simple and practical variants.

And of course you can also use pita bread or tortillas etc. if you do not care about “low carb.”

A great addition to the body builder’s arsenal as these are so fast and easy to make!

All Rolled Up
Rolled up and ready to slice