Anabolic Cooking

Anabolic CookingAnabolic Cooking is a book by Dave Ruel that ANYBODY can use to easily make delicious, anabolic, nutritious food. No cooking experience, fancy equipment, or lots of money for ingredients necessary!

Most bodybuilding diets are fairly bland and boring. Once you’ve eaten so many egg white omelets, bland chicken breasts, brown rice with nothing added, steamed veggies, etc. it is hard to stick to it.

Most bodybuilding diets fail because of boredom – dull, monotonous food.

The temptation to cheat is enormous, and I’m not just talking about the occasional cheat meal! Food should not be boring, dull, or monotonous.

But Nutrition is critical to build muscle and burn stubborn fat!

Imagine if you could eat fun and tasty food all the time that was inexpensive and easy to make AND helped build muscle and burn fat?

This could be a game changer for you and your body!

Dave Ruel believes that bodybuilding and fitness nutrition can be tasty, can be fun, and can be as good as “unhealthy” restaurants meals if you know just a little bit.

As Dave Says:

  • Build more lean muscle mass eating my beef and spinach lasagna
  • Get ripped eating my baked crispy chicken nuggets
  • Save money with my high protein Granola Bars

None of those sound bland or boring to me!

His book is the results of more than 10 years of trial and error, and 4 years of intensive research.

His book includes:

  • Over 200 “Anabolicious” flavorful recipes, that promote muscle building and fat loss, and  that even a 10 year old can make in minutes
  • Done-For-You Meal Plans to make things very simple
  • Anabolic Cooking and Nutrition Basics: What we all should know but few of us do
  • A Virtual Cooking Class: All you need to know to get started quickly and easily
  • How to prepare everything for a week, all your food, in 3 hours!
  • After workout nutrition secrets and tactics and shake recipes
  • Money Saving Tips: How to eat the right food cheaply and simply assemble your Anabolic Cooking Kitchen on a budget. This chapter alone is worth the investment in the book!
  • How to manage cheat meals, and yes, some cheating is OK!

The range of easy recipes that promote muscle building and fat loss are incredible.

A Partial List: Protein Waffles, Zucchini Hash Browns, Banana Peanut-Butter Muffins, Classic Denver Omelet, Southern Fried Chicken, Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry, Beef Fajitas, Grilled Sirloin Teriyaki, Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops, Grilled Greek Chicken, Rosemary Marinated Salmon, Almond Crusted Tilapia, Cajun Shrimp,  Lemon Marinated Scallops, Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, Guacamole, Almond Chicken Salad, High Protein Fudge Bars, High Protein Granola Bars, Buffalo Wings, Blueberry Cheesecake, Orange-Protein Creamsickles, High Protein Chocolate Mousse, and much more.

I’m getting hungry just typing this, and they are all simple and quick to make and healthy, promoting muscle building and fat loss!

Click Here to see The Anabolic Cookbook!

Free upgrades for life are included, several bonuses and an Iron-clad, No-questions-asked, 60-day Money-back Guarantee!

This book just may change your life!

13 thoughts on “Anabolic Cooking”

  1. The muffins are awesome! I don’t like all of the recipes, no surprise, I don’t think there is a single cookbook where anyone would like everything. There are however a large number that I absolutely love and after about 3 months, I’m eating way healthier, eating tastier foods, and my abs are starting to show for the first time in a looooon time!

    1. Even is you only find a handful of recipes you absolutely love it’s worth it.
      The amount of money you’ll save and the fat you’ll lose and the muscle you’ll build are worth it, at least compared to what most guys in the gym are doing.
      Healthy can absolutely be tasty.
      Now an occasional splurge is fine too, like the Creme Brulee I had last night!

  2. This rings very true with me – I can be super good with my diet (sticking to my workouts has NEVER been a problem for me!), but I always get bored of so much of the same all the time.

    I can’t really cook other than the basics like egg/egg whites, simple salads with added protein, meat on the grill etc.

    I’m getting hungry just reading the description of the book!

    My concern is that I’ve got a very basic kitchen – very few pots, pans, etc. – true bachelor style. Will I need to buy stuff or will the one old beat up pan, one frying pan, and couple of pots and a little silverware (I do have a good knife) be sufficient?

    1. Ervin, no problems, you need very basic kitchen utensils – you are all set.
      What you have is more than enough. Hey, my brotherinlaw the chef could cook an amazingly meal with what you have.

      We mortals can merely cook great tasting, easy, healthy, and anabolic food with what you have (with the help of the Anabolic Cooking)

  3. What can I say other than the book taught me how to cook healthily?

    I’m from the South and everything my Momma taught me about cooking was fattening – lots of butter, sugar, bacon grease. Even our vegetables growing up had fatty meats like bacon in them – always!

    Tasty, but not good for a bodybuilder.

    I learned from Anabolic Cooking that easy quick food can be tasty AND healthy. My body is appreciative!

  4. I LOVE the Anabolic Blueberry Oatmeal video, and made it today. Also cool how you have several other recipes here from both Anabolic Cooking and other places. I’m NOT remotely a cook, but am eating much healthier and cheaper and tastier these days with some help from Dave and you!

  5. I’ve been trying some of these recipes. Much healthier than my normal diet, pretty simple for a “non cook” like me, and quite inexpensive.

    After working out seriously for about a decade, I’ve finally learned that “You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet” – and I look far better than ever. My abs are starting to show some decent definition!

    1. “You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet” – you can say that again!
      Unfortunately that is what many men (myself included at times) think we can do!

  6. I love food, which can make bodybuilding hard.
    In particular, I love late night Chinese and Pizza – I know, not good.

    What I got from Dave is some easy easy Chinese recipes (like the Beef and Broccoli) that are super easy to make as in faster than ordering and waiting for delivery, that taste great and are healthy – high protein, low fat, nutrients etc.

    I have cut down on late night pigging out, when I do it’s *usually* one of Dave’s Anabolic recipes, and my body shows it!!!!

    1. I’ll admit I sometimes eat late at night too.
      It needs to taste great, be fast (and Dave’s Anabolic recipes are), and hopefully be healthy!
      better to skip that 2AM much before sleep, but if occasionally you do, try to make it healthy.

  7. I was thinking about getting this product but just have one question. I’m a man who is not exactly the best cook in the world…I guess you could consider me a cooking beginner. Are these recipes easy enough for me? Thanks…

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